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Current Footprint

As an organization, BBOpEx has developed a unique internal culture that has enabled it to transfer valuable skills and capabilities to the Ministries of Health in targeted African countries where the impact of these unique interventions will be significant and sustainable.

Through the professional development of the healthcare community responsible for Supply Chain Management, we provide proven best practice association models and give them access to our global network. This enables them to diagnose and improve their own Supply Chains, which will ultimately increase last mile product availability.

ASCM, Executive VP for Corporate Development

Glenda and her firm were selected to manage ASCM’s overall Global Health Supply Chain program in Africa. The GHSC is a long-term strategy that synchronizes all current and future donor investments in targeted countries. Current investments include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant, a technical support services agreement with The Global Fund (TGF), and an ongoing relationship with the United Nations.

Glenda and her team have accomplished much in a very short period. Key outcomes include:

  • Increased technical capability, leadership, and governance of local professionals
  • Increased in-country capacity of local supply chain leadership
  • Growth of the supply chain public-private communities to share best practices
  • Growth of the supply chain body of knowledge in Africa
  • Supporting Ministries of Health make significant impact at the patient level

Without hesitation I recommend Glenda as a leader, her business as an outstanding example of entrepreneurship – both focused on effective Advisory, Capability Development and Supply Chain Optimization.

Industries & Target Markets

Public Health Care Supply Chain Performance
Distribution & Logistics
Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises (SMME's)
Young Professionals
A strong focus on Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in Africa

In any developing economy, SMME’s are key to building economic growth and providing employment and are a focus area of BBOpEx in these markets. 

“When SMMEs fail it is generally because they do not have the know-how to manage their supply chains. BBOpEx has the requisite passion and Supply Chain skills, and so we form partnerships with these businesses that we have identified as prospects for growth.”

What are our clients saying?

The key factor for choosing to work with you and your company is because of your hands-on expertise in the areas of continuous improvement, capability development and overall expertise on end-to-end supply chain advisory and process improvement.

KOMATSU, Manager: Logistics & Distribution

Glenda was flexible in her consultancy approach and we were able to change direction on certain projects in order to add the most value to the business and see quick results.

ORDEGroup, Group Managing Director