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What are our clients saying?

We believe it is very rare to find a management consulting company that delivers real value to clients.  BBOpEx Solutions is different and we are confident that our clients will attest to this.

The impact and benefits felt by BBOpEx clients go beyond just a narrow focus on technical Supply Chain Management. Through the range of skill sets that we have as a group together with our clients and partners we have formed a unified front to tackle any obstacle that comes our way. Our people, knowledge and experience through our team provide a value-adding service to our clients.

Our service covers the entire spectrum of our clients’ businesses by combining the following knowledge areas:

  • We understand our clients’ business perspective and have insight at the strategic, tactical and operational levels into their businesses.  We have functional experts in end-to-end Supply Chain that fully understand the business drivers of our clients.
  • We have developed the ability to interface with the business side of our clients and explain technical solutions or impacts in terms that are understood by the entire business.

Our role as your ADVISOR can be compared with a mentor or guide around a wide scope of subjects which differs categorically from the scope of a task-specific consultant.

We will identify issues (or tasks in general) before they become a problem and share our opinion and insight with stakeholders.

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