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Capability Development

While increased self-management skills will give individuals closer control over their destiny, focused in-house, on-the-job training, coupled with academic programmes also provide major benefits for your organization and your customers i.e. Performance driven learning addressing problems at source; serving the customer better and developing highly motivated people. 

Following our motto “Creating Value is Our Signature” we enhance the skills of Individuals and Teams to develop in the most effective and efficient ways possible. 



  • End-to-End professional development and education offerings through our global network of thought leadership partnerships and alliances. 

Supply chain skills are needed in Africa now more than ever. According to a World Bank report, 11 million youth are expected to enter Africa’s labour market every year for the next decade. Despite rapid growth in formal wage sector jobs, the majority of these youth are likely to work on family farms and in household enterprises, often with very low incomes. In the midst global shortages, disrupted supply chains, and export bans due to the pandemic, African companies are stepping up and innovating to produce critical health care supplies in these regions. 


  • Supply Chain Excellence 

Obtain valuable learning tools, industry insights National and International credentials to bolster your skills, lead your team and move your supply chain forward. 

Enhance your skills and advance your career with APICS certifications. Using the APICS body of knowledge, study materials, resources and certifications, our certifications prepare you with the kind of supply chain knowledge that recruiters value.

BBOpEx is an ASCM Accredited Consulting Partner continuously providing the industry leading APICS certifications and training you’ve come to trust through inhouse performance driven interventions.

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