Transformation Coaching

A new paradigm of Coaching & Advisory, that is “Issue-driven”, “Solution-focused” & “Results-based”

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Our service offering is not for everyone, it is for those “Individuals or Businesses”:
  • Who are willing to recognize and acknowledge those ways of being in themselves that are no longer working, thus generating new interpretations and ways of being and doing that support the life they yearning to have.
  • Who take on the practice of being different in order for their experiences to occur differently.
  • Who are strong enough to surrender deeply-held beliefs in order to live more in alignment with their highest truth.
  •  Seeking Coaching & Advisory for themselves where they will have a thinking partner with whom to investigate and reveal underlying patterns of operating. Patterns that undermine their capacity to have what they say they crave.
  • Who are focused on their future aspirations and take on “practices that exercise, strengthen and expand their capacity to manifest their desired results”.

Utilizing our 25+ years experience gained in corporate environment, tools & techniques from the powerful Transformation Coaching System™; Inner Freedom Coaching System™; IEQ9 Integrative Enneagram and Contribution Compass.

You will receive Individualized Consideration, Intellectual Stimulation, Inspirational Motivation and Idealized Influence.

Our Coaches advice and mentorship offer you a host of amazing benefits where they will share their knowledge and experiences in order to help you succeed.

You will have a “wonderful trusted ally” to go to whenever you’re feeling unsure or in need of support.

Our role will be to empower you to fully embrace the dilemmas and choices facing you, that inevitably supports:
  • Realizing the priority or hierarchy of our commitments and how they inform us of the values we have in place and the way we make meaning.
  • Strengthening commitments to your Vision and from these commitments the actions that produce powerful results by utilizing Goal Achieving system™.
  • Realization that fear is always present and available to inform us of all our perceived limitations.
  • Cultivating awareness and choosing to choose through intelligence and mindfulness.
  • Stepping into vulnerable, intimate, openness and expanding one’s capacity to be the fullest expression of their “Essential Self”.
  • Choosing to live in faith, trust, and the unknown that fuels the leap of faith required to achieve one’s desired outcome.
  • Experiencing and embracing the magnificence of “Being that we already are”.

Personal Growth & Career Coaching

We understand the difference between personal and professional growth and have proven tools & techniques on how to guide you through both of these areas. As your Advisor & Mentor, our Coaches will provide you with a direct, lived experience of the reality you have created in order to empower you to shift your current paradigm to make way for what is desired. Through in-depth exploratory sessions, they will help to identify and discover your individual passion leading to what kind of work would bring you the most happiness and fulfilment.

Typical areas covered:

  • On-the-job mentoring ranging from shop floor to junior management to middle management to senior management.
  • Learning how to be both authentic, and agile to change in the workplace. Setting and achieving career goals.
  • Overcoming workplace challenges – showing you that you were strategically placed into the environment to bring about change.
  • Learning new skills or simply offer an outside perspective when you’re facing frustrations at work or in your personal life.
  • Unlocking your potential.
  • Building a measurable personal development plan.

Business Interventions

Business Interventions

In the business world we will help you distinguish business operations from ever-present human dynamics which can undermine these operations. Our Advisory & Mentorship enables clear, effective, and rapid change to processes and procedures which results in a healthier, more vital company and a much better bottom line.

This can include workplace relationships such as manager to employee, peer to peer, between corporate divisions, between teams, as well as customer and vendor relationships.

Business Owners and Entrepreneur Advisory & Mentorship

The primary focus is work-related issues, through powerful, skilfully facilitated conversations, you will gain self- generated insights into your business dilemmas, problems, details, plans and career, and more often than not, your life.

We provide experienced, independent and practical support, while utilizing the LEAN improvement methodology which focuses on eliminating non-value-added activities and creating a mindset of continuous improvement which will help you find the solutions that really work for you, and allow you to build a truly successful business, faster than you could on your own.

Typical areas covered:

  • Cost Saving initiatives
  • Transitioning for ‘employee’ to ‘employer’ Goal setting that is aligned with your Vision Leadership and professional success Waste Elimination
  • Assertiveness and communication skills
  • Cost saving Coaching and empowerment of teams Decision making
  • Delegation skills Process management Financial management
  • Growing your business etc.

Certified with the following accredited qualifications:

  • iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner
  • Transformation Coach
  • Negative Emotional Therapy™ Practitioner
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Life Coach

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