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Project Management Service Offering

PMO Deployment, Operation, and Enhancement

Organizations continue to be challenged with the consistent application of defined project management processes, resource planning, forecasting, and other business demands.

A well-managed Project Management Office (PMO) can address these challenges in order to ensure successful project delivery.

We work with clients when they need to deploy a new PMO, operate a PMO, or optimize and enhance an existing PMO to meet a set of evolving challenges, functions, and services.

RMO Deployment, Operation, and Enhancement

In the current economic environment, organizations and shareholders are demanding better business results from every project.

What is meant by results? Certainly technical, financial performance thresholds and targets define results. The RMO approach goes beyond these traditional measures to include the realization of benefits against key performance indicators (KPIs) as defined with and set by the appropriate executive leaders for the specific program.

The Results Management Office (RMO) provides an approach and structure to achieve delivering large programs that requires more than disciplined execution of processes.

The RMO (Results Management Office) is a value-driven Program Management Office that helps organizations establish and communicate value-based metrics, realistic time horizons, and well-defined levels of effort to drive real change, efficiencies, and effectiveness. More successful programs are typically enterprise aligned, solution focused, effectiveness-driven, and people-conscious.

The RMO balances the role of the traditional Program Management processes with a broader, flexible view to better prepare the organization to plan for and respond to rapidly evolving changes and requirements

RMO extends the Traditional PMO

The traditional PMOs often march down the path of execution without providing comprehensive measurements of business benefits, or even an approach to determine them.

The core functions of the RMO approach extend the traditional role of the PMO and introduce complementary roles and responsibilities.

Our team thinks beyond the traditional mechanics of project tracking and reporting and focus instead on delivering measurable business results. Our approach balances the role of traditional Program Management processes with a broader, flexible view to better prepare the organization to plan for and respond to rapidly evolving changes and requirements.


Success factors for large transformation programs extend beyond just strong program management capabilities.

The RMO‘s mandate is to

  • Bring efforts to successful closure,
  • Align program objectives with organizational goals and missions,
  • Focus on meeting these objectives throughout the life cycle,
  • Integrate domain-specific expertise across the program to ensure that what is delivered meets those objectives,
  • Prepare the organization and its members for change, and
  • Optimally manage risk, to help programs achieve success.
How Does the RMO Fit into a Current Program Management Organization?

The RMO approach takes the traditional PMO functions of scope, schedule, cost, and issue and risk management to another level through a deeper understanding of an organization’s business objectives and the alignment of a program’s goals with those of the organization; the incorporation of domain-specific knowledge to achieve integration; and the emphasis of the importance of organizational dynamics and human factors in program success.