Supply Chain Optimisation

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Our Supply Chain Optimisation Roadmap connects leaders to the right development at the right time. With the Roadmap, organizations have the information they need to steer leader development, fuel sustained success and prepare all leaders for what’s next.

Key objectives of our solution

  • Create thinking people, who significantly contribute to the sustainability of the business and who discover innovative ways to provide more value to the customer.
  • Apply leadership practices that promote teamwork, continuous learning, participation and flexibility. Paying particular attention to the development and support of front-line Leaders (junior & mid-level managers).
  • Framework will be customized according to business needs and at the same time aligned with findings as per Operational Excellence Assessment and TETA / Services SETA accredited unit standards.
  • Framework will ensure practicability at front line and will provide the management teams with the support methodology to assure front line engagement and sustainability.
  • Framework to be designed to translate the business strategies and guiding principles into clear action plans that can be incorporated into the present operating system and can be implemented throughout the organization.

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