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Authorized ASCM Consulting Partner

Authorized ASCM Consulting Partner
Bridge Building OpEx Solutions is now officially an Authorised ASCM Consulting Partner.

BBOpEx: Lerato

Lerato: Why I Love Supply Chain
Supply Chain is just not a career, it is the way we live! Listen to Lerato Thabede, CPIM as she tells us why she loves Supply Chain

Kaizen Institute

BBOpEx and Kaizen Partnership

Bridge-Building OpEx Solutions and Kaizen Institute South Africa have joined forces to create a powerful new partnership. By combining their complementary skill sets, the two businesses can offer client companies a wider range of results-driven, process simplification and Operational Excellence solutions, particularly in the area of Supply Chain optimisation.


Implemented the 5S Workplace Organisation methodology at RoadLab Germiston Stores.

Bridge Building OpEx Solutions

led by Glenda Maitin, implemented the 5S Workplace Organisation methodology at RoadLab Germiston Stores.

The Five S methodology helps a workplace remove items that are no longer needed (Sort), organize the items to optimize efficiency and flow (Straighten), clean the area in order to more easily identify problems (Shine), implement colour coding and labels to stay consistent with other areas (Standardize) and develop behaviours that keep the workplace organized over the long term (Sustain).

Our team not only achieved real-time results but also learned in the process. The BBOpEx team really lived up to their slogan “Creating Value is Our Signature”.

The aim of the workshop was to enable Roadlab Staff to provide even better Service to our Customers.

Roadlab – Partnering for Growth